We welcome many visitors to the café who are wheelchair users – the entrance to the café is large and at street level plus we have a large bathroom. Unfortunately the bathroom is not yet fully adapted with bars and hand rails.
The main obstacle in the café comes due to the space being a shop conversion. Where the 2 original units have been combined has left a step in the middle of the café and we have been unable to fit a safe ramp due to the space available. We make every effort to ensure this won’t reduce your enjoyment of your visit and have our tricks to make sure you will still be surrounded by all our furry friends! We can reserve you a suitable table in the café to ensure you are comfortable.
We don’t have outdoor shoes in the café but have covers available for your shoes so you don’t have to remove them as we know that is not always practical.
If you have any questions not answered here then please do get in touch by email, the address is [email protected]. We do everything we can to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time with us.