House Rules

House Rules

We do not allow indoor shoes in the cafe, you will be asked to remove your shoes or cover your shoes. You will also be asked to use sanitiser on your hands on arrival.

You are welcome to stroke the cats or play with them if they are in the mood. Please do not pick them up or restrain them. If the cats are to continue to live happily in the cafe it is important that everything is their choice, please respect their personal space. Please do not put toys too close to the cats faces.

You are welcome to take photographs but please switch off flash and don’t put phones right in the cats faces.

Please not not wake or disturb sleeping cats. You can stroke them very gently but imagine you are stroking a newborn baby’s head.

Do not allow the cats to eat cake or drink milk: not even crumbs! Many cats are lactose intolerant and cannot process milk. Unusual foods can, and do, upset their tummies. Trust us!

Remember! If you would find something annoying then the cat probably will too.