Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I bring my own cat?

The most common misconception is that you take your own cat to a Cat Cafe! The main reason for this is to avoid the spread of illness however we also do not want to upset the feline harmony which we have worked so hard to achieve. Cats are very socially sensitive and most do not enjoy the company of cats that they don't already know.

Are children allowed in the cafe?

We have implemented a policy which allows only children over 10 years of age in the cafe. We tried not having an age limit when we first opened but experience has shown us that the cafe environment is not suitable for younger children. We ask that children over 10, typically 10-14, are accompanied by at least 1 adult to every child as children must be supervised around the cats at all times. Please contact us if you need further information but we do not make exceptions to our age limit. We do not cater for children's parties.

Where do the cats sleep at night?

The cats are resident within Maison de Moggy and it is their home. Once the visitors have gone home the cats continue to have the run of the cafe for the whole night. The cafe is monitored inside and out by CCTV and protected by alarms but Cat Nannies are present most of the time.

Are the cats neutered/spayed?

All our cats have been neutered in accordance with veterinary advice.

How do you ensure your cats’ welfare?

Our cat family have grown up together since being small kittens and have been socialised with Humans from a very young age.
We took our time in finding the correct veterinary team to look after our cats’ needs and we found it in Oak Tree Vet Centre. The team have been familiar with all of our cats since they were kittens and know their individual needs. We have also taken the time to consult with leading experts in feline medicine and behaviour.

All of our cats had the recommended vaccinations at an early age and receive regular preventative treatments for parasites such as worms and fleas. Our dedicated cat nanny is on hand each day to ensure that the cats’ needs are met and to spot early signs of stress should any of our cats need some solitary rest from the cat café environment. At all times during the day the cats have access to their Day Bedroom where they can snooze quietly if they want to rest away from the cafe. Since we have had the cats since they were kittens we know them incredibly well and are very in tune to how they are doing. They are our pets and we love them.

What if I am allergic to cats?

You may wish to take precautionary measures such as anti-histamines however if you are unsure at all please speak to a medical professional.

Can I bring my own toys?

We have ensured that our cats have all the tools for play and adventure that they could possibly need and we ask that customers do not bring their own toys. If you think there are any additional toys which the cats would benefit from please let us know!

Can I bring my own treats?

Our cats are fed a healthy and balanced diet according to their individual needs. In order to maintain this we ask customers not to bring any outside food into Maison de Moggy. Please also do not let them eat your cake crumbs!

Are your cats rescued?

We are very open with the fact that our cats are not from a rescue background. While rescued cats can be the right choice for a home environment it is our opinion that the cafe is not a suitable home for them. Cats have very, very, specific social needs and trying to make cats from different backgrounds come together and interact with a lot of strangers is a recipe for stress and stress related illnesses which cats are very prone to. Our family have grown up together in the cafe environment and as such view it as their own, safe territory. We instead have chosen to support cat rescue in other ways.

Why can't I pick them up and cuddle them?

We understand that a big challenge when visiting is not picking up the cats for cuddles, we feel the same way!
The cafe has many visitors and if each cat was being held by each guests, every session, they would quickly become tired of it. It is an important fact of cat behaviour that they always know the route out of any situation they are in and when they are being held they don't know the way out, this can then lead to stress. Add on to this that some cats just don't like being picked up and we have to respect this, particularly as this is their home so they are in charge.