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Book Your Slot


Entry to the café starts from £12 per person for one hour, items from the café are not included in this fee. Please triple check you have selected the right number of people, mistakes will not be refunded on the day. “1 left” means space for one person only.

Conditions for entry:

  • 48 hours notice is required to change/reschedule/cancel bookings in all circumstances. Email [email protected], Facebook messenger @maisondemoggy, phone 01316295530. This policy is not flexible. If you arrive late we cannot extend your session.
  • Children must be strictly over the age of 10 to enter the cafe. We do not make exceptions to this rule under any circumstances.
  • Children between 10-14 must have adult supervision at all times (1 adult to every child). For example: a booking for 3 children must also include 3 adults. Maison de Moggy is not suitable for childrens’ birthday parties.
  • Maximum group size is currently 6 people. Please do not attempt to get around this by making multiple bookings as your booking may be cancelled. Booking the cafe privately is an option for large groups in normal times, please get in touch!
  • If you are booking separately but coming together please let us know so that you are seated together.
  • The calendar opens up one month in advance. For example: To book for 5th October, please wait until 5th September.
  • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your booking time. We do not have a waiting area so if you are early you will have to wait outside.
  • Please be aware that cats naturally sleep for 16 hours a day and may be sleepy during your visit, particularly when it is hot. We cannot guarantee if one hour is more active than another, you might be lucky and get a playful session, we will do what we can, but this is their home and they need to sleep. Please anticipate that they might be sleepy when you are here. Please do not bring cat food or toys into the cafe – we promise that they are already being spoiled and some are on special diets.
  • Please be prepared to show your payment receipt (printed or on device) if necessary.
  • Please email [email protected] to organise booking with a gift voucher.
  • Only items purchased in the cafe may be consumed in the cafe.
  • If you do not receive confirmation from us immediately please send us an email and we will confirm your booking.
  • When you have selected your time you can complete payment via the “shop” link at the top of this page.
  • If you have any extra needs then please contact us ahead of your booking, for example if you have any serious allergies or if anyone needs a high backed seat, not a sofa etc.
  • If you are under the influence of alcohol you will be refused entry without a refund.



Online Booking

From: £12.00 per person

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Terms and conditions of reservations

Please note that bookings will only be cancelled, rescheduled or amended up to 48 hours before the reserved slot. If a reservation has already been rescheduled, it can only be rescheduled again, not refunded. Reservations are transferable to other people. To cancel, amend or reschedule an existing reservation please e-mail us: [email protected].

All reservations must be pre-paid on our website or over the phone.