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Hello fellow cat lovers!

We hope you’ve all had a fantastic Catmas over the holidays, we sure did! I’m sure we can all agree that one of the highlights of Christmas is waking up and getting to open up our long awaited gifts. Who doesn’t love gifts? Well, our Moggies were very spoilt this year just like anyone else, and they scored some lovely new toys that seem to be going over very well! We’re here to share those toys with you, in hopes that they will in turn tickle the fancy of your own kitties!

We received some “Pods” from a company called Cat FurNature, which are boxes that you assemble at home. They have sizable holes on alternate sides of the box that your cat can go in and out of for easy access. Our favourite feature of this was the little “paw holes” that are cut out of each box’s corners. Our cats loved this when they spotted a paw dangling out of the box, but saw no cat! These Pods take a few minutes to assemble with easy instructions, and also come with some complimentary cat nip! It’s not a surprise that our cats loved these right away- cats LOVE boxes, and were sure they will be a hit in your household too! Visit to order some of your own. (they even have a feature to customize the boxes with your kitties’ names on, how fun!)