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Nanny Blog Is Back!

Welcome back to our Nanny Blog! We are glad to finally be sharing our MDM daily goings-on with you: we’ve missed you!

You may have wondered what life is like for a Cat Nanny and so we have put together a little blog to give you an insight…

“Playing with cats all day must be amazing! It’s my dream job!”
There is way more to being a Cat Nanny than playing with cats. We will spare you the details but we have cleaned more litter trays that you have had hot chocolates.

The Breakdown of Nanny Chat
Nanny Chat is our group chat for discussing important work business. The breakdown is thus:

The Perfect Paw-Print
Have you noticed how perfect the paw-print on your hot chocolate is? It takes months of practice. But once you’ve mastered it that’s how you really know you have made it as a Cat Nanny.

Work Clothing
Thinking of wearing black to work? Think again. First job of the day is grooming 12 very furry cats (minus Elodie of course, but she’s another story!). So yes, you might be interviewed for TV at 11 but you are going to do so with a cats worth of hair stuck to you.

Specialised Skill Set
Yes: we do know all of our cakes off by heart, we can recite the house rules in our sleep and can identify any of our cats by a meow. But please don’t ask us how to get to your hotel: we are shamefully directionally challenged.

Love and Romance <3 <3
We are inappropriately involved with the cats’ love lives. Guillaume is, of course, in love with Jacques. The feeling wasn’t mutual but then, remember that time Jacques headbumped Guillaume first?! And Amelie and Marcel have been snuggling a lot recently! Is that a sign?! Are Alain and Coco still a thing?! SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

Independent Lunch Inspection Panel
When you do get a second to have your lunch it goes over to a cat panel of judges. Cats all over you? Good choice of lunch. Not even Elodie is interested? Must try harder.

Extreme Waitressing
Being a Cat Nanny involves more than just kitty care, it also involves what we call “Extreme Waitressing”. This is carrying around a tray of hot drinks while avoiding cats, swinging toys, people, cat trees, toy balls on the floor… It often feels like some kind of hidden camera TV show (hang on, is that what the CCTV is actually for?!)

Going Home
Just before you go home it is important to do a head-count to be sure you have seen everyone. Did you get 10 or 12? Did you count Seabass twice? Ok, count again by breed. One Sphynx, 3 Ragdolls, 2 Norwegians, 1 Persian – did I say one Sphynx? Ok, once more: 3 Ragdolls…


The most important thing is that being a Cat Nanny never stops. It is a way of life <3